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Horizontal Directional Boring

HDD Bores varying from 2” diameter pipe to bores up to 48” pipe depending on borehole design and conditions.

Spruce Boring specializes in AT and Mud Motor Crossings, and have years of experience with engineered bores. We use the latest drilling and locating technologies providing digital profiles of our projects for your office ease. We care about our social and environmental impact, and offer efficient fluid management systems so we can recycle our drilling fluids and products. Our contingency trailers are always fully stocked, and ready when needed.

We also offer Excavating Equipment, Vacs, Hydrovacs, Steamers, and water hauling. This allows us to provided our own bore support and clean up when requested by our customers.

If you have questions about an upcoming project, one of our HDD Consultants are here for you. Ask a Question.

Our Service Area

Western Canada, Manitoba, Ontario and the Territories

HDD Boring Applications:

Pipelines and civil construction including but not limited to: telecommunications, electrical conduit, gas lines, casings, water, sewer and drainage, etc.

When to Use Directional Boring?

When infrastructure needs to be implemented, but there are various areas that cannot be disturbed. This can incorporate some of the following examples: Wetlands, waterways, water bodies, animal conservation areas, roadways, railways, under existing buildings and infrastructure, utility crossings, corridors, rocky terrain, steep grades, hills, valleys and ridges and more.

Spruce Grove Boring & Contracting Range of Service

Additional Services

  • Bore Support

  • Equipment Hauling

  • Excavators

  • Fluid Management Systems

  • Contingency Units

Hot Shot Services:

  • 1 & 2 ton truck/trailer combo
  • Transport Trucks